Unleash Your Brand: BRANDSMASH

We start every project with our intensive 2-hour BrandSMASH session. This is where we unpack what’s going on in your business and then create a strategy roadmap that you can start implementing.

Solutions to help your service-based pet business profit and thrive.

Our BrandSMASH is a crucial first step in determining where to go with your online strategy. This may be really different from your previous experiences when looking to engage with a web design agency. You’ve probably sent an email or RFP  and then answered a few questions via a form or email and then received some proposal a few days later.

Here’s a little secret.

A lot of agencies blindly guess how much a new website should cost. 

We don’t guess.

If anything, we kinda hate guessing. It’s fuzzy and unknown and makes us feel uncomfortable.

Our approach lets us get to know you, your story, and why it matters. We ask you questions, brainstorm together, and uncover true needs and pains. It’s fun and exciting but also hard work. Some of the things we ask you may never have thought about before or considered important. This is our time to find out everything we can about you and your business so we can get really clear.

We get focused.

Like a border collie ready to round up his sheep, our eye is on finding a solution that is going to help your business — more clients, more revenue, more time, less frustration.

When we’re done, you’ll get a clear plan and roadmap showing you: 

  • The best strategies for your business
  • Solutions to help save you time
  • Your best clients and how to get more of them right now!
  • What your competition is doing and how you can beat ’em.
  • Where to invest online and how to save money

You’ll have everything you need to create real, meaningful impact — on your own site and across the web.


Investment: $500

Still not sure? Start with a Health Report.


Are you going to try to sell me something else?
Some of the solutions we recommend will be in areas where we specialize. Some solutions might be outside of our core services and we will provide you with a few different partners.

You are under absolutely no obligation to move forward with any additional projects with us. You can take the plan and implement it yourself or take it to someone else.

Why do you do this? Can't you send me a proposal?
We do this because it helps us provide the best possible solution to core business issues. We aren’t into temporary fixes. We don’t know enough about you and what’s going on in your business to give you a proposal that will help you.
I just need something simple.
No problem. Head on over to the contact page and let’s chat some more about what you need.