Is your website scaring away the perfect client before they even get to your front door? Are ads falling flat? 


If you’re like most veterinary practices, you’re probably suffering from at least one of these 5 veterinary website mistakes that lead potential clients to not trust, value, or even find you online in the first place.

How would you like to not only identify these issues but also have a clear plan to resolve each one? 

Most practice managers don’t have the time to figure out everything they need to know to see what’s wrong with their website. And most who try to figure it all out end up getting completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resources and all the conflicting and confusing advice that’s out there.

No, it’s not just you.


It’s overwhelming and exhausting.

After a full day of seeing clients, doing admin, and stamping out fires, who wants to go home and learn web design, copywriting, digital marketing strategy, search engine optimization, web development, user experience…and on and on.

All the while, you feel your website is not getting you the clients it should.

All your hard-earned money spent on ads might as well be going in the litter box.

And you might as well not exist judging by your ranking or non-existence in Google.

But you do exist and you need more clients. 

Now imagine this…

Not having to worry about any of the SEO’s and HTML’s and other abbreviations. Not worrying about understanding what a brand is or how to create one, or not needing to write, code and optimize and then secure your website.

Instead, you get to focus on doing what you do best while someone else performs dozens of tests, checks, and analyzes every inch of your website for you.

Then they give you all the results around 5 proven core areas that cause websites to fail to get clients, or worse, actively scares them off.

Then you get a complete expert diagnosis so that you can confidently see exactly how to fix each of these 5 critical areas so your veterinary website is getting found, turning visitors into new clients, and making you proud to show it off.

No confusion, no overwhelm, no hassle. Just a clear plan. And at least 5 quick tweaks you can do immediately.

Wow! The health report was full of useful information and action items that I didn’t consider. I thought I needed to run Facebook ads but I would have wasted so much money sending clients to a broken site.

Joanna Darmin

Owner & Veterinarian, Sandbrook Animal Hospital

Get back to doing the things that matter

You don’t have to continue to be overwhelmed and frustrated. With your custom Brand Health Report you’ll be able to see the big-picture view of your business and then actionable items to start working on right now. Find out what’s working and what’s not so you can save time and money while focusing your efforts on the biggest return for the smallest investment.

Our 5 Core Principles

So, what are the 5 critical areas that we’ve identified as being crucial in creating the foundation for a successful website? Let’s break it down…

1. Brand Identity and Positioning

That sound like fancy “web designer speak” but it’s more important than you think and a lot of veterinarians are ignoring it. Let’s face it, pet parents today are not the pet parents of 20 years ago. They treat their pets like kids and they are looking for the best in veterinary care. It’s not enough to say “We provide quality care”. Every vet does that. That’s the low barrier to entry to being a vet. You better give quality care, right?

Think of branding and positioning as a way to explain or show what makes you different? What makes you better than the other vet? If you don’t know! That’s okay. Most veterinarians don’t think about this and that means they aren’t doing it.

If your website is sending that same “me-too” message as the vet down the street, you are losing business.

2. Visitor (User) Experience

This is how your visitor experiences your website. Can they easily navigate through the site? Are there relevant calls to action? Can potential new clients figure out if you can help them? 

Sometimes we might think it’s so obvious but you’ve looked at your site how many times? A new visitor is only going to give you a few seconds to make a first impression and provide them with something useful.

If your website is frustrating users or confusing, full stop…you are losing business.

3. Conversion Optimization

Is your website primed and ready to turn a visitor into a paying client? That might look like filling out a new patient form and sending it directly to your office or giving you a call. But most first time visitors (97%!) aren’t ready to give you their money, let along trust you with their precious fur-child. Are you losing them? Does your site have a system in place to move potential clients to paying clients?

If your website isn’t conversion focused, you are losing business.

4. SEO / Online Visibility

Are pet parents finding you when they use google? What words are pet owners using to find you? Are you doing even the minimum necessary to be seen in searches?

Do you know if Google is prioritizing other vet sites over yours? For speed? For mobile-friendliness? For better content?

If your website isn’t visible in search, you are losing business.

5. Performance & Security

Is your site slow? If it’s not been updated recently, is it infected with malware or viruses (this is more common than you may think)? When visitors access your site, is their information safe and secure?

A broken or insecure site not only sends the wrong message to potential clients, but it can also cause you issues with search engines.

If your website isn’t safe and secure, you are losing business.

No More! We can stop this craziness right now.

How pet parents see you, the words they read, the images you use, the way they find you in search, how easily they can navigate your site — these are all crucial pieces that should work together to create a balanced site and brand experience. Most veterinarians aren’t doing this! 

So, are you ready to figure out how to turn more pet parents into paying clients?

Is this right for you?

We know you are busy. Helping pets and the people who love them, managing staff, and trying to make time for your own family. The last thing we want to do is give you more junk to wade through.

Our Health Report is specifically designed for veterinarians and practice managers who are working to develop, implement or improve their website and online marketing strategy. If you’re not ready for that, stop now.

If you are ready…Let’s do this!


 Investment: $97

*turnaround time is approximately 1 business day or less!